turning audience into demand.

Using partnerships with our selected content creators to bring the social media campaigns to the next level.

turning audience into demand.

Using partnerships with our selected content creators to bring the social media campaigns to the next level.

Algorithm powered by results.

We know there are many ways how to choose right influencers for Your campaign. That is why we have use Thousands of Datapoints that are gathered automatically in combinations with qualitative metrics that are corrected by our human operators. This allows us then to use our proprietary algorithm to look up the results that we had with particular influencers in case they worked with client like You.

Our operators will carefully also describe your brand and niche to be able to search for exact match. We estimate results for every potential match and choose only 3 best ones that are then evaluated by expert. 

Connected with best match.

Connect and work with influencers matching Your profile. 

These are not just some of the outstanding makers of content that will share your stories and empower your audience. We worked with thousands of influencers and measured performance in combination with particular product/brand. Succesful campaign is not only about size of audience, but about results.

We are able to estimate results with our Algorithm rentability of such approach has prooved to be far bigger than to focus on quantitative metrics only. 

Price and Value.

Value of influencer estimated.

We estimate value of every influencer in combination with Your campaign. Often this is the core of success.  Ability to control to get steady grip of efficiency of your campaign by controlling the cost is the key.


Reach Your desired Goal.

We offer targeted marketing for influencers – to an incredible extent. Our platform can estimate the engagement that will campaign create and maximize it. We are living in the times when audience is being bombarded by advertising from all sides. 

Producing engagement is getting harder and harder. This is when we come with perfect combination of Your brand and on-topic influencers, where engagement is guaranteed. 

Your next campaign is about to happen.

Take your spot!


We work with influencers from all over the world to enable global strategies and hyper-local implementation and are able to penetrate all subcultures & niches. There is no niche that we do not cover.

The efficiency of Micro influencers.

Trust that is put by audience in influencers is not directly tied to amount of followers. We are scaling campaigns with larger amounts of small influencers succesfully every day. Relation between influencer their audience can be very close even when audience is small, we are able to get this fact working for your campaign.

About us.

Our Influencers.

There are tens of thousands of influencers that we can contact instantly. Focusing only on single platform has prooved to be the key for us.

The connection between Influencers and their Audience is based on trust and authenticity. We have learned to respect that connection, care for it and nourish it. We carefully select which clients we work with and Influencers appreciate it.

Respect for both Brands and Influencers and Experience that we harnessed helped us to satisfy everyone in this area.

Our history.

20 years ago in year 1999 we started to work with unconventional online campaigns, heavily focusing on viral marketing.

2001 to 2010 we have focused almost entirely on search engines and unconventional ways how to combine search engine marketing with viral one. We were able to adapt as the era of social networks came by and that is exactly what we are about now.

In 2012 We have decided to start Webpoint and focus entirely on single platform. With focus to become a full service agency that can come up with unmatched campaign efficiency.

“Keeping efficiency requires focus and flexibility.”

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